Hollyoaks spoilers: OCD storyline confirmed for Diane

Hollyoaks will explore OCD via Diane, as she becomes overwhelmed in trying to protect her family (Picture: Lime Pictures) Hollyoaks has confirmed that Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher)

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Hollyoaks has confirmed that Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher) will be overwhelmed in her efforts to protect her family, as part of a new story that will explore mental health condition OCD.

OCD, short for obsessive compulsive disorder, is a mental health condition where one has recurring thoughts and repetitive behaviour that they can’t control.

Hollyoaks is working with charity organisation OCD-UK, which measured a 40% rise in service stats from people contacting the charity for support in the early days of the pandemic.

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Professor T ‘ release date on ITV, cast and plot for the Ben Miller crime drama

Ben stars as the eccentric, but brilliant Criminology Professor Jasper Tempest, who works at Cambridge University.

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The opening episode of the six-part series sees the Professor unwillingly caught up in a police investigation when Diana Tyson is attacked on the university campus. DI Lisa Donckers thinks the attack is very similar to one that occurred years beforehand. And she reckons the Professor is just the man to crack the case.

But, Professor T, who suffers with OCD, is prone to daydreams and fantasies, and the viewers will see these quirky sequences in the series.

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Emmerdale fans in uproar over ‘paedo teacher’ Maya Stepney pregnancy plot twist

The “paedo schoolteacher” left the soap a few months ago when it emerged she’d groomed student Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant).

Maya was locked behind bars for the crime but was released on tonight’s episode, as revealed by Emmerdale spoilers.

Having found out that Maya had been let out of jail, Jacob was stricken and retreated to his room to call and confess his love for her.

When Maya saw his name pop up on her phone, her finger hovered over the “delete” button, before she officially pulled the plug on their inappropriate romance.

While walking away from the prison, the camera panned down to show her stomach, hidden beneath a baggy beige tee.

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