Hollyoaks Alex Fletcher Diane OCD. Pregnant Diane has been struggling with OCD over the past few months, which has involved her

[ Hollyoaks star Alex Fletcher admits doubts over Diane’s OCD storyline ]
Hollyoaks star Alex Fletcher has revealed that when she first found out about her character Diane Hutchinson’s OCD storyline, she was initially apprehensive.

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Pregnant Diane has been struggling with OCD over the past few months, which has involved her worrying about her family’s safety and the potential presence of germs in her home.

Actress Alex told Inside Soap that she had some doubts about the plot at first due to the changes in our behaviour caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but that she came to believe that it was an important issue to raise awareness of.

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“If I’m honest, at the start, there was a little bit of me that thought, ‘Do people need to be watching this right now?'” she said. “We’ve all been through a pandemic, and because of that, everything’s heightened. People’s behaviours have changed, with the washing of the hands constantly, and being more aware of germs.

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