Hollyoaks Rhiannon Clements Summer Sienna. Rhiannon shared her thoughts with Digital Spy.

[ Hollyoaks star Rhiannon Clements hints at possible future for Summer and Sienna ]
Hollyoaks star Rhiannon Clements has hinted at a possible future between Summer Ranger and Sienna Blake, suggesting that a relationship could be “lovely”.

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Is Summer’s affair with Sienna just another way to twist the knife into Brody, or do the two have genuine feelings for one another? Rhiannon shared her thoughts with Digital Spy.

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Reflecting on ‘Oaks fans’ reaction to the couple, Rhiannon told us why she believed viewers are rooting for Summer and Sienna. “Audiences see that Sienna, up to this point, has been quite out of her comfort zone,” she explained.

“It’s brought so much of Sienna’s true feelings to light, in terms of the feelings they have towards each other. I think it’s a bit of a shock but it feels right to them.”

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Hollyoaks star Rhiannon Clements hints Summer will take revenge on Warren

Brody Hudson, Felix Westwood and Warren Fox were all involved with the showdown but Warren was responsible for leaving Cormac unconscious.

“I do think Summer could go after revenge. But she’s meticulous about how to exact it and where to target it ‘ revenge may come out in different ways to how she anticipated,” Rhiannon explained.

“There is lots coming up for Summer, so buckle up for a lot of twists and turns from her and for her. Secrets will be revealed, with huge amounts of drama.”

Things are quickly getting complicated as Summer is beginning to catch feelings for Brody ‘ but she doesn’t know that he witnessed the attack on her dad.

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