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[ Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring on Cindy’s emotional mental health scenes ]
Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Waring has revealed further details about her character Cindy Cunningham’s emotional scenes in next week’s mental health-focused episode.

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“(Cindy’s) hurt Mandy kept a secret from her about Ella, but confided in Luke,” Stephanie explained. “It’s very emotional ‘ Mandy opens up about her father’s abuse, then Cindy confides in her about her bipolar.”

The episode will also focus on Luke and his son Ollie Morgan (Gabriel Clark), as Luke battles with his fears over his dementia diagnosis and revisits his past trauma as a teenage rape survivor, while Ollie struggles to overcome his drug addiction and his emotions over his own abuse by football coach Buster Smith.

Stephanie revealed that Cindy “will do anything” to take care of Luke, explaining that she truly cares for him and wants to do the right thing by him.

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