Shepherd, Sally Ann Matthews and Colson Smith made sure the 24-year-old had a huge send off and

[ Inside Lucy Fallon’s VERY boozy Coronation Street leaving party as the cast do karaoke to Elton John ]
THE cast of Coronation Street got boozed up and sang karaoke to commemorate actress Lucy Fallon leaving the ITV soap. Her co-stars Tina O’Brien, Jack P.

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Her co-stars Tina O’Brien, Jack P. Shepherd, Sally Ann Matthews and Colson Smith made sure the 24-year-old had a huge send off and partied into the early hours last night in Manchester.

Lucy, who played Bethany Platt, kicked off the evening with a classy dinner and large glasses of wine, with Jack sharing photos on Instagram.

Later the group moved on to Vina Karaoke in the heart of the city and onlookers saw the celebs take over the bar.

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Sally made sure the camera was rolling and caught Tina, who plays Sarah Platt, smashing a version of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary.

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