Nickelodeon’s Jennette McCurdy details her battles with anorexia and bulimia in an emotional essay

But behind the camera,’Jennette McCurdy was struggling with an eating disorder, that was sadly aided by her late mother, Debra.’

An emotional essay, personally penned by the 26-year-old actress was published by the Huffington Post on Friday.

Speaking out: On Friday, Jennette McCurdy, 26, penned an emotional essay for the Huffington Post that detailed her battle with’anorexia and bulimia. The star in seen in June 2018 above

Jennette’s eating disorder began at just 11-years-old, and was unintentionally encouraged by her mother, who also struggled with her own eating disorder growing up.’

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‘iCarly’ Star Jennette McCurdy Opens Up About Her 13

Growing up, she always thought it was her mom “looking out” for her, never realizing that her mother was “aiding in my disordered eating.” After booking iCarly at the age of 14, she only became more obsessed with the way she looked. ‘

‘When I first began to vomit after eating, I was honestly thrilled. Are you kidding me? I could eat whatever I wanted and then throw it right back up and avoid the consequences of eating (aka gaining weight)? It was the best of both worlds!” she recalls.

Her disorders were’unintentionally fueled by the’people on set, agents and wardrobe stylists, among others, telling her how great she looked. With no’one confronting’her about her bulimia and anorexia as the years went by, she got to her lowest point.

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