Tech 100 2019: The most important and impactful people in UK technology

Political uncertainty, the the distorting financial impact of mega-funders like SoftBank, and increased public skepticism about tech’s utopian promises have all left a mark.

It would be easy to feel gloomy. But the technology industry remains a major bright spot for the UK economically, bringing in ‘184 billion in revenue last year. And the sector is full to the brim of exciting entrepreneurs chasing world-changing ideas, hitting new milestones and breaking new ground.

Every year, Business Insider publishes the UK Tech 100 ‘ our list of the 100 most interesting, innovative, and influential people shaping the UK tech scene, whether that’s visionary founders building global firms out of Britain, or regulators grappling with Silicon Valley titans.

Publisher: Business Insider
Date: 2019-10-10
Author: Mary Hanbury Isobel Asher Hamilton Charlie Wood
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Many things are taking place:

The Progress 1000: London’s most influential people 2019 ‘ Business: Fintech & Banking

CEO of SoftBank and its Vision Fund’|’NEW This is the man to try and see at his Mayfair offices if you want funding for your start-up. He has the largest fund in town ‘ a massive $100 billion ‘ to invest in the best money-making ideas.

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Chief executive, Lloyds bank Horta-Osorio runs Britain’s biggest high street bank as smoothly as his molasses-like voice ‘ and returned the bank to full private ownership. The Portuguese banking business honcho received his MBA at INSEAD and previously worked with Goldman Sachs and Santander. He is chairman of the Wallace Collection and a keen scuba diver, tennis and chess player.

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Startup Guide Paris: how the City of Lights is also defining itself as a new hub for entrepreneurs

This guidebook covers emerging startups, accelerators, co-working spaces, and supporting institutes in one of Europe’s leading business and cultural hubs.

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Startup Guide Paris is spread across 220 pages and makes for an informative and entertaining read, with profiles of founders, co-working spaces, accelerators, and other ecosystem players.

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Paris is about much more than cuisine, fashion, and romance ‘ it is also emerging as a hot startup hub, begins Sissel. There are influential entrepreneurs like Xavier Niel, J.A Granjon and Marc Simmoncini, and a new generation of startups like Blablacar, Sigfox, Criteo, and Doctolib.

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Building confidence and power: Exploring greater female leadership and participation in cloud and data analytics

Analysis Last month, Forbes published its list of America’s 100 most innovative leaders. The report’s methodology was based on four ‘essential leadership qualities of top founders and CEOs’. These were, in no particular order, perception in the media for innovation, social connections, and ‘value creation’, both in terms of track record and investor expectations.

There was, however, one glaring problem: the list of 100 featured only one woman. Barbara Rentler, CEO of retailer Ross Stories, was ranked #75, with a further indignity of having a blank avatar where everyone else’s headshots appeared.

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Out of control: is too much work the real cause of burnout?

‘It really hit home to me when someone said to me, ‘You know, you’re such a different person outside of work to who you are at work.’

King, who is based in Victoria, quit the role almost two years ago and now runs her own small business.

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‘The majority of people in corporate Australia are living that dash-for-cash philosophy, and we are no longer working a standard week and having weekends off to enjoy downtime,’ says Stuart Taylor, workplace expert and founder of corporate resilience training company Springfox.

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In 1856, Melbourne stonemasons marched to Parliament House to demand an eight-hour day, marking the beginning of a series of progressive labour laws that enshrined workers’ rights to clock off at a reasonable time.

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Date: 2019-10-09T23:00:03.000Z
Author: Johanna Leggatt
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