The Masked Singer Robin EastEnders. All of them has had both fans and judges baffled at who is hiding under the mask. And while

[ The Masked Singer: Robin ‘exposed’ as former EastEnders star ]
THE MASKED SINGER’S Robin has left ITV viewers everywhere convinced he’s secretly Aston Merrygold following a series of clues which hint at the JLS star.

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The Masked Singer comes to a close on ITV this evening and only three celebs remain in the competition: Badger, Robin and Sausage. All of them has had both fans and judges baffled at who is hiding under the mask.’And while everyone seemed to be sure that it was JLS star Aston Merrygold hiding under Robin,’the trail’seems to have gone cold last week in favour of a new top guess.

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‘After going after all the clues for Robin & Googling. I’m certain Robin is Lee Ryan #MaskedSingerUK,’ said one viewer on social media.’

A second person added: ‘#MaskedSingerUK I just had a brain wave it got be Duncan James or Lee Ryan or Simon Webb from Blue but I don’t know how.’

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Who is the Robin on The Masked Singer? All the clues and theories from Aston Merrygold to Nicky Byrne

Robin belted out Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake on his first appearance – and the judges were impressed by his set of pipes.

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Robin has now made it through to the final after dropping hints such as “you’d need the luck of the Irish to guess me” and the fact he’s always known he’d be a footballer.

The Masked Singer also sang Rockin’ Robin as a hint to his identity and in the semi-finals dropped clues saying he started young, was known for being blue and his discovery was accidental.

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Jacqueline Jossa says Masked Singer Sausage isn’t Stacey Solomon but guesses are close

The Masked Singer has got audiences at home and celebrity fans trying to guess who is behind the costumes – and the Sausage is causing a lot of debate. While many fans think it’s Stacey Solomon, Jacqueline Jossa says they’re close to being right

After watching the latest episode of the show this weekend, Jac hosted a question and answer session with her followers to discuss their thoughts.

One fan wrote: “Sausage is Stacey Dooley,” and Jac replied: “I said this today too. The talking voice sounded like her. Some of the clues also.”

The former EastEnders star also revealed she thinks Harlequin is Dreams singer Gabrielle and JLS star Aston Merrygold is Robin.

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