When Is Casa Amor in Season 3 of ‘Love Island’? It’s Inevitable

In both the U.K. and U.S. versions of Love Island, the Casa Amor twist is brought in to shake things up. You know, because the singles aren’t already in an extremely high-pressure situation. And you can expect the same twist in Season 3, even if some of the singles have already been through enough. That’s the price of going on a reality show to find love, apparently.

A few weeks into each season of Love Island, the contestants are split up into two villas. There’s one for the men and one for the women, and this is called Casa Amor. Here, they’re mixed up with a new batch of contestants, even the contestants who are already coupled up but now separated from their mate.

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In case you are keeping track:

Love Island’s Casa Amor ‘to return to shake things up’ despite fears it had been axed

ITV2’s dating show Love Island returns to TV next week and a new report suggests Casa Amor will be making a comeback despite being axed for the winter version in South Africa

The show usually packs the boys off to a different villa mid-way through the series to tempt them with a new line-up of sexy bombshells – while the girls stay in the main villa with a bunch of new boys.

It’s made from some nail-biting viewing in previous seasons, but it was missing from the winter version of the show which was filmed in South Africa in early 2020.

There had been fears the key segment’s absence from the last series meant it would no longer feature in the summer series.

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Love Island fans have spotted a clue that there’s about to be another dumping

“I hope #LoveIsland are ordering some more beds. Because when these couples go to Casa Amor there will 40 people coming back to the villa at this rate,” tweeted one viewer, “There won’t be enough beds in the villa after Casa Amor #LoveIsland” said another.

“They’re gonna have to introduce bunk beds after Casa Amor. They are ALL gonna bring back new gals. That villa’s gonna be crowded!” commented one viewer, similarly another said “Well Casa Amor is going to be interesting’ they have to make bunk beds ‘ #LoveIsland.”

Others realised that the arrival of the two bombshells would put some of the OG girl’s place in the villa at risk. “Does this mean two girls are at risk of dumping next ‘ #LoveIsland” someone tweeted, “I think Rachel is leaving at the next dumping which is probably tomorrow or Thursday,” said another.

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Laura Whitmore returns for recoupling on tonight’s ‘Love Island’ first look

On tonight’s ‘Love Island’ first look, we see Laura Whitmore returning to the main villa to drop the bombshell that recoupling is fast approaching.

Laura tells those currently in the main villa: “As you all know, tonight there will be a recoupling. Girls, you each have a massive decision to make.’I’m now going to ask you one by one if you’d like to stick with your current partner, who’s been living in Casa Amor for the last few days, or if you’d like to recouple with one of these boys standing in front of you.

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Love Island 2021 – News, cast, and gossip on the 2021 show

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Olivia Attwood spots telling clue that Love Island’s Aaron will dump Sharon

I think it’s really interesting that the conversation came up because plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements is very topical at the moment and it is an interesting one for everyone to discuss.

The way Hugo spoke was not very tactful and people should get in the habit of not commenting on people’s appearance, period. You would never say ‘I don’t like short girls,’ and when you’ve done something to yourself cosmetically or ‘ in his words ‘ ‘fake’, people think it’s ok just to comment on that.

It’s still someone’s appearance so it should just be a no go. But I do genuinely believe he spoke out of turn and there was no malice in it, you could see he was genuinely sorry.

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