This isn’t going to be one of those articles where half-way through, after years of trying, I

[ Why Some People Are Not Happy About Rebel Wilson’s K-pop Movie ‘Seoul Girls’ ]

I guess the secret’s out about SEOUL GIRLS ‘been working really hard on this behind the scenes’with the first movie I wrote I really wanted it to star a diverse range of actors, so really proud about putting this together with an amazing team ‘

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‘between the Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman casting idea thing and Rebel Wilson writing and producing a kpop centered film, I’m done with white ppl in media for today and then some,’ wrote a Twitter user.

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You CAN find joy after an unhappy ending

Let me get this out of the way right at the start: my husband and I did IVF and it didn’t work, writes Daisy Coulam

Let me get this out of the way right at the start: my husband and I did IVF and it didn’t work. This isn’t going to be one of those articles where half-way through, after years of trying, I unexpectedly get pregnant.

I read a lot of those ‘miracle’ stories when we were trying for a baby and every one of them made my heart sink.

For us, there was no ‘we relaxed and then it happened’. There was no surprise baby. There was no miracle.

That sounds really depressing and, I’m not going to lie, for a long while it was. It really, really hurt. In fact, I think there’s a part of us that will always feel sad it didn’t happen.

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The Genius Community’s 50 Best Songs of 2019

In 2019, it felt like our fundamental relationship with songs changed in a permanent way. It used to be that you heard a song on the radio or saw a music video on MTV and instantly became a fan of it, or you heard it so many damn times you had no choice but to nod along. That still happens, but these days songs (much like everything else) seem intertwined with internet meme culture. In 2019, we saw songs get a boost or even blow up after being formatted for streaming platform playlists, music videos optimized for YouTube, and of course viral TikTok clips. Sure, we’ve been inching towards this change all decade, but now we’re finally here and we’re not going back. This isn’t just the current way we consume music, it’s likely the future as well.

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Tom Brokaw: Fake News Is ‘Pernicious’ Threat To Journalism ‘ Mirror Awards

Brokaw urged journalists to fight back by launching more investigations to ‘tell us what we should know’ ‘ especially with stories that can’t just be reported from the newsroom.

‘We lost our way,’ he says. ‘We’re not spending enough time out there’ covering people outside the halls of power.

His remarks followed a tribute video that included many of his NBC colleagues over the years as well as director Steven Spielberg, Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav, and The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta.

Browkaw’s message dovetailed with comments from New York Times chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr., whose news organization won the school’s I-3 award, which stands for impact, innovation and influence.

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The Legacyquel Treatment: 15 Films Ripe For A ‘Star Wars’

In essence, the legacyquel is a sequel, normally in a series that’s been dormant for a decade or more but has often loomed large regardless. These films (arguably pioneered to a degree by J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull’ and ‘Tron: Legacy’) aim to mix the old with the new and to keep some kind of continuity with earlier movies by returning earlier franchise stars to the fold (they usually exist in the same universe), while also introducing new characters and storylines, often with far more diverse casts than in previous iterations, stealthily passing the torch for a time where Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Jeff Goldblum or, uh, B.D. Wong might not be available.

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Lena Dunham “Not That Kind of Girl” tour visits Chicago

Early Monday night the Lena Dunham book tour and circus of earnestness and irony rolled into Chicago, promising cultural spectacle and community where other authors delivered mere words. And so, just after entering the lobby of the Northwestern University School of Law’s Thorne Auditorium, you were greeted by staff of the Chicago Humanities Festival ‘ Dunham’s visit marked the opening of its 25th festival ‘ bearing clipboards and notecards, offering a chance at (sort of) interacting with Dunham: the (cheekily) self-described “voice of a generation,” creator of HBO’s “Girls” and newly minted author of an essay collection, “Not That Kind of Girl.”

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