Amazon expands ‘Key’ wireless entry to garages, businesses

Key for Business is one of several new features for Key by Amazon the company announced in early January 2019. (Photo via Business Wire)

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In introducing Key by Amazon in 2017, Amazon cited increasing incidents of ‘porch pirates’ stealing packages after delivery to homes. The system allows homeowners to use their mobile phones to create temporary codes to unlock front doors so that Amazon deliveries can be placed inside the front foyer, also allowing access to other service people or acquaintances.

Amazon has yet to roll out Key by Amazon in all parts of the country, with coverage gaps including southwestern Connecticut and Long Island City where Amazon plans to open a new corporate campus with as many as 25,000 employees. Key by Amazon requires membership in Amazon Prime, which costs $120 a year.

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Amazon expands ‘Key’ wireless entry to garages, businesses

As expected, Amazon has also added compatibility with its Ring app that monitors approaching visitors, with the company spending $1 billion last year to acquire Ring.

‘Giving customers the ability to lock and unlock their Key-compatible locks directly from the Ring app is a no-brainer,’ said Jamie Siminoff, founder of Ring, in a written statement. ‘With the integration of Key, they’ll … be able to use the Ring app to open the door to neighbors, family, and service providers they do want coming and going, no matter where they are.’

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Amazon extends its Key delivery service to third

Won’t be around to accept a package? If the order’s from Amazon, you needn’t worry. Months after it began making deliveries to the trunks of select GM and Cadillac vehicles in 37 cities via’Key In-Car, the Seattle company is introducing new ways for mail carriers to leave packages at homes and apartments securely.

Amazon also announced Key for Business, a smart fob for drivers delivering packages to commercial and residential properties, and Ring app compatibility with Key.

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Amazon expands its controversial ‘Key’ delivery system, allows for garage package drop

Amazon sparked some controversy in 2017 when it unveiled “Key,” a delivery system that allows drivers to open up your front door and drop off packages inside. Key comes with a camera and a unique smart lock intended to prevent shady behaviour from drivers, while also keeping your packages safe from drive-by thieves.

Despite user privacy and security concerns, Amazon has continued to expand Key over time – and it’s doing so again today, through features unveiled at CES 2019.

Your next Amazon Prime package could be delivered to your garage with Key by Amazon

“We have been super excited and super thrilled to see how Key is being used today,” Rohit Shrivastava, Key’s general manager, said in an interview. “It clearly goes way beyond delivery.”

As is typical for Amazon, Shrivastava declined to provide hard figures on how many customers are using Key but said, “This is a service that our customers are loving and using a lot.”

Though Amazon is moving forward with a handful of new concepts for Key, it currently doesn’t have plans to create its own smart lock. “Not at this time,” an Amazon spokeswoman said. “We’ll leave that to the pros at Yale, Kwikset and Schlage.”

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