Ready for the cliff.


As the news events remain steadfastly focused on the inability of the U.S. government to enact the meaningful measures to starve off the cuts in expenditures and the concurrent increase in tax rates we are left wondering whether the Republican Party is living in a twilight zone. After having bet the house and lost miserably in the last election, Boehner and his amigos have still not gotten the message that voters sent to the Republican Party.

The message is simple. We want taxes to be increased on the wealthiest Americans who should pay their fair share. We need the middle class to be stabilized and upward social mobility in the United States which has been a bedrock of Americana to be preserved and protected. After having gerrymandered their way to retaining control of the House of Representatives, the Republicans remain clueless about what the message was from the general election. Continue reading Ready for the cliff.

A Bethlehem Christmas

Today is Christmas Day 2012, and as is customary the eyes of the world tend to focus on the little town of Bethlehem, located in the southern Judean foothills. As we reflect on the events of 2000 years ago when the savior of the world was born we need to consider the sad state of affairs that currently transpires in the West Bank communities in the Middle East.

It has been 19 years since the Oslo accords when the Palestinian people officially recognized the state of Israel’s existence. These Accords were to be the framework to achieving a lasting peace agreement between the Jewish and Palestinian peoples, and to pave the way for the creation of two sovereign states, Israel and Palestine. Continue reading A Bethlehem Christmas

Federal Bailout Programs

In recently released information about the extent of the federal government bailout of US financial institutions, it has been reported that total lending peaked to $1.2 trillion dollars in December of 2008. It is interesting that the titans of corporate finance had failed to effectively lead their organizations and there was very little effort at risk mitigation in arriving at investment and lending decisions.

What has effectively happened is the creation of two separate aspects of the free enterprise system in America. The Wall Street chieftains were prepared to take high risk to obtain the high rewards that went with such decisions, as reflected in the stratospheric bonuses that were doled out for year end results during the period prior to the financial meltdown. However, these so called leaders were prepared to access as much of the largesse made available by the Federal Reserve when the future viability of their companies were at stake. Continue reading Federal Bailout Programs

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